More Great Handy Tips, Clean for you in Charlotte NC


If you’ve ever had one of those “why didn’t I think of that?!” moments, you’re going to love what’s in store today. From new ways to reuse products you already have, to simple time savers, I headed back to New York this morning to show the folks at TODAY seven different tips and tricks for making things easier around the home.

1. Use cupcake liners as Popsicle drip catchers:
Popsicles are awesome. Sticky fingers are not. Cupcake liners to the rescue! Just poke a hole in the base and then wrap one liner around each Popsicle stick. This is a GREAT trick for messy young kids — or TODAY hosts wearing nice suits.

2. Use spaghetti as a match:
This is such a great trick for getting to hard-to-reach candles. Just light the end of a dry spaghetti noodle and stick deep into your votive to light your wicks.

3. Store pasta in a Pringles can

4. Use a comb to hammer nails

5. Use beeswax to waterproof canvas shoes

6. Use a bowl as a sound amplifier

7. Use a hair straightener to iron collars.

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